Cosmetic against pollution

Cosmetic against pollution

Ada Summer

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Each year, the increase in pollution The air quality accompanies us and worsens, according to the National Geographic Institute. High toxicity affects our skin directly, so daily cleaning routines are essential.

Often, we forget that it is necessary to strengthen the skin barrier. Do it with products that, among its assets, include antioxidants, glycerin, lanolin and also beeswax.

Aging accelerates with free radicals produced by pollution and the rays emitted by our mobiles. You can stop it with cosmetics that have a barrier effect.

Create a protective bubble with treatments that block the most harmful microparticles to prevent clogging of pores and allow cell renewal.

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Social consciousness has also penetrated the universe of cosmetics. Every time this philosophy of life has more followers that worries about healthier habits, eliminates plastics, bets on fair trade and the use of biodegradable or recycled containers. Laboratories and dermatologists have been working hand in hand for some time to respond to these demands. His creations follow the following criteria:

100% vegan. Products with this distinction have never been tested or processed by animals, which encompasses the cruelty free concept, and none of its ingredients must have an animal origin, including the wax produced by bees.

Organic, eco and bio. Its main feature is the radical rejection of pesticides and chemical ingredients. The transformation processes used are never polluting and respect the natural cycles of each raw material.

What benefits does this cosmetic have? The vegetable and mineral assets used prevent the use of parabens, sulfates, transgenics and silicones, which both damage our skin. This makes it possible to beautify ourselves, yes, but taking into account the respect and environmental care.


Donkey's milk and honey to be the queen of Egypt. This scrub - based on rice, sandalwood and vanilla from Tahiti - from Alma Secret, is inspired by Cleopatra's secret potions (€ 15).


NATURAL COSMETICS. Did you know that we eat 80% of the lipstick we apply? The eco lipstick, from Belius, is the solution (€ 19.99).

Booster and cream

The booster and the cream Total Defense Pollution They are from EBerlin Biocosmetics (€ 52 each).

Face a radical change in 28 days

Progressive system Prevage transform your skin into four phases, thanks to the weekly increase in hydroxy acids. It's from Elizabeth Arden (€ 235).

Facial serum

Use the facial serum BioAdvanced, of Lanuba, to regenerate the tissues (€ 65).

Ready in five minutes

If your day lacks hours, you need the advice, always in a humorous way, of Make-up for girls in a hurry. You will learn to take advantage of it! From the Zenith publishing house (€ 10.95).

Exfoliating cream

Miss Vivien exfoliating cream for buttocks, with dermopurifying properties (€ 43.95).

Madrid lounge

The wedding season is coming and you can only dazzle your guests with an integral set-up. Aesthetic treatments are a classic, but few are the brides who care about their hair. In the Madrid room of Alma Luzón they work with very advanced therapies - of botox effect - to repair and nourish it. Find out about her study of the complete look, with two hairstyling tests, one for makeup and styling for the big day. The bride and groom have a personalized option to regenerate their hair. Session: from € 40. //

Like a table

Hair suffers with heat, but the straightening brush Stylecare, Philips incorporates two temperatures to protect it and avoid the dreaded frizz (€ 39.99).

Eyelash growth

Learn to take care of your eyes with vegan formulas, such as this serum, by Redenhair, which enhances the growth of eyelashes (€ 75).

Glow effect on your body

Body Shimmer Spray It is an oil with illuminating particles. Activates the tan and is applied, dry, after showering. Of Rituals (€ 19.50).