15 new deco you want to buy immediately

15 new deco you want to buy immediately

Zara Home

We are already in the middle of summer, and that means that the end of the holidays is coming. But instead of depressing and manifesting your enmity with the fall, why don't you take advantage of the remaining months to refresh the decoration of your house?

In this way, when the summer season comes to an end your house will look like new, and with it, your illusions for facing the new course. Join us on this tour for the latest news, and relax! 😉


Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Velvet tile cushion H&M Home

Yes, velvet will remain one of the most cutting-edge trends next fall. Essential!

PURCHASE 19,99 € at H&M Home.

2 Botanical motives H&M Home

Let yourself be loved by the freshness emanating from the leaves of this flirty cushion, and be encouraged to connect more with nature.

PURCHASE 4,99 € at H&M Home.

3 Carpet with texture Zara Home

Ideal to create an environment boho chic in bedrooms or living rooms.

PURCHASE 39,99 € - 149,00 € in Zara Home.

4 In circles Kave Home

Different and original, a shelf where you can expose your cacti and succulents as they deserve.

PURCHASE 29 € in Kave Home.

5 Modern sofa Kave Home

We love its modern design and functionality, thanks to the tray attached to the sofa.

PURCHASE 1029 € in Kave Home.

6 Recyclable plastic chair Kave Home

A touch of irresistible color, and above, betting on sustainability. Who gives more?

PURCHASE 69 € in Kave Home.

7 Perforated metal tray H&M Home

Its perforated design and golden finish transports us to Morocco. Decorate it with plants to give life to the hall, or use it as a centerpiece in the dining room with a few candles of different sizes.

PURCHASE 24,99 € at H&M Home.

8 Recycled glass vase H&M Home

How we like that the ecology is so present in the new decoration collections, and that they conceive such beautiful pieces as this vase of recycled glass in a unique olive color.

PURCHASE 7,99 € at H&M Home.

9 Organic shaped bottle Zara Home

Another example of the wonders of sustainability. Each bottle has been made using techniques that consume less energy, are less aggressive to the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

PURCHASE 25,99 € in Zara Home.

10 Salt shaker, oil and recycled glass vinegar Zara Home

Perfect to give a rustic and natural air to the kitchen accessories.

PURCHASE € 4.99 and € 5.99 in Zara Home.

11 Retro juicer Zara Home

A collector's item that you will always want to keep in sight.

PURCHASE 149 € in Zara Home.

12 Vintage Linen Tablecloth Zara Home

In fashion and home textiles, linen continues to be the absolute protagonist, and if it looks like it vintage, the triumph is assured.

PURCHASE 59,99 € in Zara Home.

13 The real relax Shops House

Relax in the bathtub with this wooden tray while enjoying a glass of wine and a good novel without fear of ending up in the water.

PURCHASE 19,95 € at Casa Shops.

14 Fruits and vegetables H&M Home

This duvet cover with drawings of fruits and vegetables is a great way to make kids interested in what is known as real food.

PURCHASE 24,99 € at H&M Home.

15 A teddy bear in the basket H&M Home

So nice and adorable that he will become one of the best friends of children. A fantastic basket to store your toys.

PURCHASE 19,99 € in Zara Home.