28 Lamps and ideas to create cozy atmospheres

28 Lamps and ideas to create cozy atmospheres

The poor, poor or not very functional lighting does not create cozy or enveloping atmospheres, it is not practical, and in short, it impoverishes the decoration. We have consulted María Adamez, lighting designer, from Oliva Iluminación, and has given us the following clues to get it right. "A room is well lit when the thousand uses that we usually develop in it are created in the room: rest, read, meet, watch TV ... In the dining room, it is about enjoying the multifunctional character that this space also presents today .

For this we rely on the natural lighting, reinforced with a homogeneous general illumination, and we highlight a focal point, which is usually the table, with a beautiful suspension that allows us to see, without glare, what unfolds over it. "And in the case of the bedroom," a light dim that bathe the room in general, reinforced only in those points where we need a touch of light, like the cabinets. "

How to apply these keys? Giving importance to the light project; an essential chapter in any interior design, which always combines different types of lighting: general, with several light sources, instead of just one in the center; environmental, which generates a pleasant atmosphere in the room but is not the main source of light; functional or punctual, the one used for a certain activity, such as the reading corner; and the decorative, which highlights an object or an architectural detail.

In short, it is correct when the points of light are defined having clear the uses of the room, and the electrical installation is planned to regulate that lighting, with independent ignition, not forgetting the switched switches, so practical in the diaphanous distribution, and the of crossing, in double bedrooms.

Advertising - Read on below Lamp with adjustable screens

Reading corner. Reading is an extra effort for the eyes. To natural light, the most appropriate, the artificial one must be added. Direct lighting, directed to the book, above the head is convenient. Lamp Stanley, Delightfull signature, with adjustable screens and adjustable position arms.

With telescopic foot

To hit with an arc lamp, the ceiling height of the room must be taken into account. The original, created in the 60s, has a telescopic foot that reaches 2.32 m at its highest point and can reach 2.20 m wide. Inspired by her, the model Bow 2, from El Corte Inglés, with an adjustable height of 1.80-2.10 m (€ 179).

Light bulb in sight

The essence of the lamp is exposed to turn its filaments and the glass ampoule - a trend of amber, caramel and smoky gray tones - into a focal point. But attention, only the filaments with LED technology are efficient. Lamp Lobby Loft, from Rivièra Maison (€ 69.95).

With shelves

Very practical for its shelves, this lamp also includes a USB socket. It is auxiliary shelving and also allows devices to be connected. Model Tribeca (€ 889 in PortobelloStreet.es).


Take it anywhere in the living room or home. Design FollowMe, of Marset, with tilting screen; It has a battery with 5 hours of autonomy at full capacity (€ 168.19 in Olive Lighting)

Double wall

Installed on the wall, this double wall light is perfect to save space. His arms can move and the inside of the screens is white. Lamp Club Double, from House Doctor (€ 215.90 at Car Möbel).

Will it look good?

Keep in mind the measurements of the screen, especially when shopping online, to prevent an overly large one from being overwhelming and out of place. With the right size, proportional to the space, all original and brave design, adds style to the environment. Lamp (€ 309) and furniture, by La Redoute Interieurs.

Three screen system

A design icon illuminates and decorates this dining room. Its three-screen system - created by the Danish Poul Henningsen in the 20s - achieves uniform clarity without glare, because it only emits reflected light. Model PH 4/3, edited by Louis Poulsen (€ 459.80 at DomésticoShop).

Ceiling designs

Ceiling designs with several screens, which are trending, give more light? It depends on the power of
Each of the bulbs, find out before you buy it. Warren lamp, by Maisons du Monde (€ 119.90).

Fiber screen

Fiber screens provide naturalness and warmth to the dining room. Its braiding creates a beautiful effect. Lamp, from Bloomingville, in bamboo (€ 179).

With a circular screen

With a circular screen, which has both sides in aged bronze. Elegant and with led technology, the model Attlee, by Laura Ashley, is 40 cm in diameter (€ 385).

Silicone screen

Caprice, fashion, need? In a long table, three lamps in line fulfill an aesthetic function but they also provide a homogeneous illumination over its entire surface, which leaves no shadow spaces. Lamp Unfold, from Muuto, with silicone screen. Interior design, Josep Cortina.

Duo in suspension

Bet on a new way to light the bedroom. To the traditional options of lamp on the bedside table and apply on the wall, are added the suspension luminaires that, placed at the height of the headboard, enhance the bed when framing it. Lamps (€ 39.80 each), bed (€ 799) and accessories, by Car Möbel.

Retro lamp

Retro lamps add charm while evoking the quieter rhythm of decades ago, in tune with the slow deco style. Its design does fit an eclectic decoration, so do not discard them even if the lighting in your bedroom is modern. Look for pieces like the one in this photo in almonedas.

Golden details

The golden details change the look of any lamp. With the gold glitter, the model Neordic It is more chic and feminine. Leroy Merlin, with tilting screen and 50 cm high (€ 59.95).


No, this globe screen is made of glass. But his drawing evokes the grain of this current stone. Design Klydefrom Habitat; 25 cm in diameter (€ 119).

To hang from the ceiling like a cluster ...

The grouped lamps arouse maximum interest in the bedroom. Its visual weight is lightened with its crystalline screens. Lamp, by Rivièra Maison (€ 219).

Warm light bulbs

If you read in bed, plan a direct light. But you also probably want a relaxing atmosphere. To get it right, find out about the color temperature, which is measured in degrees Kelvin; in bedrooms, warm light bulbs (3000 K)
They are an excellent option. Spotlights Hektar (€ 14.99), lamps Aläng (€ 39.99) and bedside table (€ 34.99), from Ikea.

Global and homogeneous lighting

In general, downlight spotlights provide a global and homogeneous level of lighting throughout the space, but each area must have its own light and be activated independently.

In the work, direct lighting; in the enjoyment: peninsula or table for breakfast, talk, dinner ..., environmental.

On the countertop

Cooking in low light or shadows, without seeing food well is uncomfortable and insecure. If there are tall cabinets, lighting the work surface from its bottom with spots or led rails solves the problem. If there are not, spotlights closed angle on the ceiling (beam with 40º opening), a few centimeters from the wall.

Brass, bronze, copper ...

The lighting with a finish in these metals prints a retro air to the kitchen. Lamps are an infallible deco resource for an environment to acquire an aesthetic or another. Imagine these lights to illuminate a pantry ... Model Hamiltonby Laura Ashley (€ 215).

Factory design in current version

Its palette is soft and the lampholder is made of copper. Model Mingle, from Present Time, with three screens (€ 94.90 at Car Möbel).

Lamp with natural mango shade

The warm note for the sink or office, which also squanders style. Lamp Allie, with natural mango screen (€ 77 in Kavehome).

Suspension lamps

In large and confined spaces, the optimal lighting combines general ceiling-homogeneous light and spotlight, direct, that does not generate shadows, with one or more sconces or suspension lamps on the front of the sink, to perform specific activities, such as makeup and shave. Wall light (€ 14.99), mirror (€ 39.99) and furniture, from Ikea.

Warm or cold light?

A cold color temperature (more than 5,000 K) is advised because it approximates daylight and does not alter skin colors and makeup. A plus, resort to secondary lighting that provides warmer, indirect light, with a light frame behind the mirror or LEDs embedded in the false ceiling, in the washbasin cabinet, a niche, wall cabinet or under shelves.

Black apply

Add a brushstroke of contrast in the bathroom decor with a black sconce. Pure elegance! Model Stefan an AM.PM. for La Redoute Interieurs (€ 84.99).

Balloon Applique

To recreate the aesthetics of a stately bathroom, the balloon-shaped sconces are perfect. Model Moricio, by La Redoute Interiurs, in opal glass (€ 89.99).

Retro and rustic

The flared tulips harmonize with retro and rustic bathroom furniture. Focus, by Laura Ashley,
in satin bronze (€ 68).